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Central Florida Family Law Attorney

At the law office of Kenneth C. Gallagher, we have been fighting for the rights of men and women in central Florida for more than 12 years. An experienced family law attorney and mediator, Mr. Gallagher takes an aggressive, yet humane, a…

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Divorce Blog Post

Preparing For Your First Meeting With a Divorce Lawyer

If you’re facing a divorce, you may be scared, worried or confused. A compassionate divorce lawyer, however, can help you through the process. Before your initial meeting, gather the following:

  • Legal documents — Gather all the legal documents that are relevant to the marriage:
    • Divorce summons
    • Prenuptial agreements
    • Postnuptial agreements
    • Estate planning documents
  • Financial documents — In Florida, the divorce courts divide marital assets based on the legal principle of equitable distribution. It’s important for your attorney to have a full understanding of each party’s financial situation. Gather copies of the following documents for your attorney to examine:
    • Tax returns
    • Bank statements
    • Investments portfolios
    • Real estate documents, such as mortgages and deeds
  • Domestic violence allegations —Domestic violence takes many forms, including physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse. If you are the victim of domestic violence, let your attorney know. Your attorney can help you obtain an injunction against domestic violence to stop the abuse. If you are being falsely accused of domestic violence, your attorney can help disprove the allegations. Unfortunately, some spouses make false abuse allegations in order to obtain a more favorable timesharing (custody) arrangement.
  • Questions — Prior to the meeting, write down any questions you have pertaining to the divorce process or your legal representation.  Don’t be shy or embarrassed. Furthermore, anything you say to your attorney is confidential.

When you’re facing the end of a marriage, don’t do it alone. You need an experienced Orlando divorce attorney to help defend your rights.

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